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    A-FIBE Cellulose Fiber

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    used both in beverage and industrial filtration.

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    used in paints, building products, rubber, plastic and more.

A-FIBE Cellulose Fiber – Functional Filler and Filter Aid

Fiber Group, Inc. has been producing specialty A-FIBE cellulose fibers for over 20 years. We work closely with companies to understand their applications, needs and requirements. We then produce a specialty virgin, bleached, high quality cellulose fiber to meet all requirements specific for each company. Grades range from a dense free-flowing powder to a coarse, fluffy non-flowing material. The final product is odorless, tasteless and is insoluble in water, in dilute acids and in nearly all organic solvents. Our production facility is located in Rockford, MN.

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Filler Applications

A-FIBE is used in many applications as a thickening and conditioning agent, processing aid, and reinforcing filler.
  • Paints: Used in latex paints to control splattering while increasing resistance to cracking.
  • Building Products: Used to provide a texture finish to walls and ceilings. Used in caulks, tile mortars and spackling compounds to reduce shrinkage while providing increased strength.
  • Rubber: Used in footwear (soles, heels), V-belts, sealing compounds and floor tiles to increase hardness and tearing strength while reducing shrinkage and weight.
  • Plastic: Used in phenolics, ureas, melamines, polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride to improve strength, moldability and dimensional stability while controlling shrinkage and warpage.

Filtration Applications

A-FIBE is used both in beverage and industrial filtration. It is an excellent filter aid because it precoats quickly, provides good cake stability, cleans quickly, prevents bleed-through and can be burned to reduce disposal costs.
  • Alkaline Filtration: Used when soluble silica threatens the filtrate.

  • Condensate and Boiler Feed Filtration: Used to remove insoluble metallic impurities and oil.

  • Rare Earth and Metallic Ore Filtrations: Filter cake can be burned to recover product.

  • Beverage Filtrations: Prevents filter aid bleed-through.

  • Emulsion Filtrations: Absorbs oil and breaks emulsions to prevent contamination of screens.

  • Petroleum Filtrations: Removes emulsified water.

  • Plating Filtrations: Removes solids without threat of contaminating filtrate with soluble silica.

  • Pool & Spa: Our brand Perfect Clarity is used instead of D.E in all swimming pool and spa filters to filter water. The D.E. filter does not need to be modified. Simply add Perfect Clarity into the skimmer in the same way you add D.E.

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